I was just invited for design the promotional poster for the thematic posters pexhibition convoked for the Red Gráfica de Conciencia Social and the Dirección General de Bibliotecas of the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP), and the Central Library of BUAP, a social initiative for visibilize different social issues, this one has been called "30 alertas contra la violencia de género" (30 warnings against genre violence), which is based on the current problem on violence against women, mainly in Mexico.
This design was made on different types of violence, so as the main promotional poster, it may talk about the main problem, represented in a  rose flower stem, being beautiful in the top flower, but in the way the image goes down, the number of thorns and the color becomes more dramatic, also the aglommeration of the bolder type and the displaced basement giving a dimensional sense on the whole composition.
There were also made other stuff mainly for social media, which are adaptations of the main promo poster.
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