I was invited to design a poster for celebrate and homage to Don Pedro Hernndez Escobedo, creator and compositor of 'Danzon Zacatlán' a popular piece that is proudly part of the identity of the town in the wonderful magic town Zacatlán de las Manzanas in Puebla, Mexico. There were also others very talented and admired designers that make also a poster for being exhibited in a special celebration in Zacatlán.
My artwork takes a full color of joy of life and festive spirit, also icons about the main elements of the town, as one of the main apples producers in Mexico, also tasty fruit liquor manufacturers, its famous giant clock in its main square, the amazing nature environment and other things. With a total custom type, the big 'Z' and the type of the title in the ribbon, based on the popular handicrafts of the region and hand paint.
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