Peter Smith is an accomplished pianist, composer, arranger, songwriter, and music director, his career has flourished on both coasts of the USA. Originally as a new yorker, by 2005 Peter moved in to Los Angeles. With a bold and solid career, Peter and his wonderful musical partners Mike Gurrola and Reggie Quinerly, all of them under the name as "Peter Smith Trio", and in march of 2023 they realeased the fantastic "Dollar Dreams" an amazing collection of ten jazz pieces under the label of Real Magic Records.
I was commissioned for designing its brand, the cover and CD artwork for print and digital media, some promos for social media and other communications for their premiere westcoast performances tour, even a booklet for a media kit, also available in digital version.
 The cover reminds a normal urban scene but with a sunset twilight feeling, there are some old  buildings with certain incidental windows around, some cars parked on the street, stores and graffities on the bottom front with some guys walking across, on the middle top of the image the "Peter Smith Trio" logo has been placed on the wide wall, on the bottom of it are the names of the members of the band. A beautiful red neon sign plate with the album's name in a vertical arrangement being lighted up. There's also a lamppost in the middle with a dark blue sky.
The whole scene gives a beautiful sense of a nostalgic feeling, a visual representation of the tracks and piano music recorded into the album.

Designed with a mix of contemporary and traditional style, with a lovely font selection for the logo and then fitted in a beautiful typographic composition, carefully spaced and making some simple ligatures, creating a solid brand for the band.

Custom type logo for Peter Smith Trio (also used as PST)

With a beautiful selection of photographs taken throughout the recording journey in LA, then a well edited and color corrected images, displayed in a panel layout on a cadboard box package, since wide open shot and macro shots, indoor and outdoor, and different temperatures on the final selection that give a warm feeling. There were a lot of beautiful images, but the curatorship work for having a beautiful final result, with collaborative work with the amazing Daria Polichetti on color correction and somo photo edit.

Displayed preview of the cd-art, a six-panel cardboard box designed with a nice selection of photographs.

Other applications
For the release for 'Dollar Dreams', I made a series of promos, also the band made a West Coast performances premiere tour, so I just made some applications and some posters mainly for social media, also a booklet for media kit.
Promos for social media for the west coast performances premiere tour

Booklet design for media kit

You can find more information about Peter Smith Trio "Dollar Dreams" album
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