Sekkan is an independent mexican brand with an upcycling profile, recovering plastic bags throughout social work and ecofriendly mindset, transforming it with an unique development and research technology they create with unique patterns that works for making amazing high quality products they sell.
Sekkan is a word that comes from the nahuatl, a mother native mexican language that means "Juntos/Together". Its tagline is "Hoy por el mundo/Today for the world" also related with the thought and active dynamics of join forces with everybody for making a better environment.
The main commitments of the project, was making something with a contemporary feeling and also a simple logo design that empowers the "upcycling", "uniqueness" and "unite" statement, also because is a brand that cares a no pollution policy, the brand wants its logo application a less invasive possible on their products, for they can be removed after the products time life and they can be recovered again, keeping the upcycling chain, even it can't be so much expensive, simple, easy to produce it and also sofisticated.
It have a technical challenge to solve, also a conceptual and style that works in that way. So, after different explorations, the brand takes the solution of a custom type logo, with a geommetrical structure but with certain timeless contemporary feeling, that have independent and modular characters and connects a couple of them, with a very nice contrast at any size and a basic use of color with a black and white palette, also using engraved applications that don't use inks and give a sofisticated voice on the brand, or using one ink, being black over white, also using glossy/unglosy varnish inks or even black ink over black background. The labeling is based on stitched attachment tags over the products.
Additionally, there were some illustrations based on its amazing patterns for alternative printed applications.
Also, there where developed a graphic style for its social networks communications for they can made and produce in house, according the foundations concepts of the brand based on how they will take and compose pictures with lifestyle and people, on the tangibility, quality and beauty of the products, with the chance of making connections on its storytelling and spreading the aesthetic and the feeling of the brand, taking a vibrant and fresh color palette related with the environment and a eco-friendly spirit, but also the market they wan to speak of.
If you can find more about the amazing Sekkan, you can visit its Instagram page here.
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