In Mexico, the worldwide known 'Día de Muertos' (Day of the Dead) festivities have a relevant importance into the cultural heritage .
I designed the identity of the 'Sendero al Mictlán' (Pathway to Mictlán) for the municipality government of San Andrés Cholula in Puebla, México, as a commission from the Secretary of Art and Culture, for its cultural program and activities around the Día de Muertos for the digital and printed applications.
So, I designed a typographic composition for the main ID, as a mystic feeling with a dark environment background reminding the color of the 'cempazuchitl', the traditional flower of the Día de Muertos and the candles lights as the main leit motif, even the 'ofrenda' as complementy in certain applications, highlighting a spiritual feeling as the tradition giving a dimensionality into the composition.
I designed the main look, and then the internal communication department from the Secretary of Art and Culture made the applications derived from what I did, which was great because let me look how other people can use what I did in an efficient way, which let me think how design become a thread that flows throughout external people, and then how it impact while it's working into the final consumer.
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