Since the pandemia hits the economies in many ways, the need of solutions that can push forward better conditions becomes something necessary. So, Tech Expert 4 You rises by initiative of the company 'Creator Steam' and join forces with the "Benjamin Franklin" Library of the United States Embassy in Mexico, they developed a series of webinars from the very late's 2020 along 2021 that address issues in different productive and  economic sectors that have faced a new reality and need to re-bost and re-activate through the use of technology, with the pressence of experts speakers for a wide range of topics to talk with a monthly on live streaming.
The challenge to develop since the basics of an identity and a graphic universe that reflects the dynamism, spirit of opportunity, the digital environment, with a functional and aesthetic profile that ranges from the development of a logo, its auxiliary and complementary elements, with different applications in which the brand is more than a symbol, but also a powerful environment and storyteller that fits the TE4U philosophy, from the most little piece to the main ones.
Since each application is living completely digital environment, and each theme is different from another one, different graphic packages were designed through chromatic adaptations, but keeping it's technological feeling in a solid line of common elements and templates that would also allow adaptations in many ways.
There were a full graphics package elements that will be working as part of social networks promotionals, streaming elements like full and two screens frames, including another ones for presentation and final cards. The design feels energetic and full of life on each version for each webinar, keeping the consistency throughout them with around 100 designed static and animated pieces.
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