Rene Azcuy Cárdenas was a remarkable cuban designer and design professor that becomes a big influence in a wide range of designers mainly in Mexico. His work as educator was so important on the raising of graphic design in Puebla, one of the most important states in Mexico, and I was lucky for having him as a professor in some matters in my design education
The past march 25th, he passed away, and the Instituto de Estudios Superiores, one of the universities where he had a big influence, organize an homage and convoked various designers to participate in an invitational exhibition designing a poster about Rene with the theme 'Tertulia para René (Talking for René)'
So, I designed this piece, just like a momentum of paceful and contemplative scene of how René iluminates knowledge for everybody we knew and learn into a classroom. For me, an individual swing hanging up from a cloud on a wide open space, just reminding the instant where I learn form him, many times as a socratic exercise of reflection about giving smart solutions on design.
Also, I literally think when I design this poster in the latin expression Requiescat in pace (R.I.P) or 'rest in peace', also thinking on 'living in peace' too. Hopefully, René is.
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