Design concept for the logo reveal and end title credits for the "The curse of La Llorona" movie, and I also made a motion test.

The concept takes the idea of elements inside water, with a disturbing and emotional movement, also being flooded into the darkness. So I take the type as the only one element on screen to show this desperate and dramatic behavior, also generating literally thousands of variables with some sense of madness, keeping the readability but mainly the distorted sensation of ethereal life caught into the water.

I also developed styleframes for another design concept option for Logo open.
There were the idea of tulle floating into the water, or some soft fabric just moving around a dark and deep space, with some sense of dramatic ghost behavior, and the logos coming form behind revealing from the darkness.
Another alternate concept for the end titles.
There’s an intense rain into a deep black night. There’s something alive moving into it, wrapped in a large black fabric cloth, moving as a big tide into the storm, getting the behavior of violent waves of water into a big black cape. Aliveness shows into the scene, the rain and the fabric are moving wild with suggested human shape.
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