In 2019 I made my online course Títulos de crédito: Tipografía y cine (Title credits: Type and cinema) for Domestika, the most important online education platform in spanish.
Because it was a challenging project, because the topic is not common in any source that I know, and touch in certain way motion graphics, I designed and animate a wide package of graphics and content for every lesson and throughout them, keeping a consistency and even a complexity that talks about the way I work. Everything requires hard work, investigation and order for every content makes sense.
I also recorded and edited video and footage for those contents and also for the project that I made for the course, which was so amazingly fun!
This is a short showroom of the content I made for for everything along.
If you want to get my course, you can click here. The course is in spanish, but actually there are english and portuguese subtitles supporting, which is great for everybody.
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